Categories: General
      Date: Oct 20, 2007
     Title: Modern Geoglyphs Launches
This is to announce the launch of Modern Geoglyphs. The site will...

This site will catalogue the modern geoglyph phenomenon by listing locations of known geoglyphs along with aerial photography, ground photography, links to Google kml files and other graphical viewers.

The initial launch today includes 110 modern geoglyphs in Montana. Most are strictly letters on hillsides representing schools or communitites. These tend to be durable, lasting years without maintenance. I have slipped in a few other geoglyhs that are either not letters or are not durable such as those written in crops.

This site needs your input on the origins and purposes of the modern geoglyphs. At this point, I have correlated the glyphs with schools or communities, but there is always more to the story. If you have a quip, please contribute.

Naturally, the site will evolve. Please comment or contribute corrections or additions to the geoglyphs presented here.