Categories: General
      Date: Oct 31, 2007
     Title: Geoglyph Sizes Added plus Updates

I added the sizes of the geoglyphs...

I added the sizes of the geoglyphs in Montana. This was done by scaling off the aerials, so it's a horizontal dimension. The biggest horzontally-measured geoglyph in Montana is the {cms_selflink page='153' text='P in Deer Lodge'} at 290 feet. The smallest is the {cms_selflink page='152' text='O in Opheim'} at 20 feet.

 I also added GPS coordinates to aid in finding the glyphs from the ground. Some of these are impossible to find without aerial photography, so a GPS should help.

I also added links to Yahoo Maps, Live maps and Virtual Earth. kml files made in Google earth can now be viewed in Virtual Earth. 

Lastly, I rearranged the format to accomodate all the new content.