Zoomable Map of Montana

The main page now sports a new zoomable map of Montana...
Category: General
Posted by: Curt

The main page now sports a new zoomable map of Montana showing the locations of the known geoglyphs. Zoom in or out and pan all across the state. The level of detail increases as you zoom in to show towns and streams.

The base map was made using a 150 meter DEM and a continuous pallet for elevation. A hillshade was overlain with some transparency. The combination made a nice effect, but Montana is really not that green:(

The normal Zoomify processing only allows one base map, but I created multiple resolutions by halving the display scale in ArcView and doubling the export resolution then halving and doubling again. Armed with three base maps, I processed each with Zoomify and merged the three outputs. The effect is good on a high speed connection and is amazing from a local drive.

Zoom away!