Letters are found on hillsides throughout the western U.S. usually representing schools or towns. This modern form of geoglyphs is sometimes called hillside letters or mountain monograms. Origins of modern geoglyphs are discussed on Wikipedia. An early 20th century phenomenon, I am seeing a renewed interest in showing off your school or community pride by plastering huge letters on the nearest hill. This site attempts to display a thorough listing of the modern geoglyphs I know to exist. I will continue to add more as I find them. If you know of more, please contribute!

I've organized the lists of known letters by state. Montana has the most at 112, followed by California with 64. When the site was launched, Montana was included with detailed information. More states will be added as I compile the photography.

Take the tour of the known geoglyphs in Montana:

Click on the spots to see details about these modern geoglyphs in Montana:

Montana 112 geoglyphs

Geoglyphs are also found in these states:

California 64 geoglyphs
Arizona 53 geoglyphs
Utah 50 geoglyphs
Nevada 41 geoglyphs
New Mexico 27 geoglyphs
Oregon 24 geoglyphs
Idaho 24 geoglyphs
Washington 19 geoglyphs
Texas 17 geoglyphs
Colorado 16 geoglyphs
Wyoming 16 geoglyphs
North Dakota 3 geoglyphs
Nebraska 1 geoglyph
Kansas 1 geoglyph
Florida 2 geoglyphs
New York 1 geoglyph
Tennessee 1 geoglyph
Kentucky 1 geoglyph
Alberta 1 geoglyph
Oklahoma 1 geoglyph
Indiana 1 geoglyph